Full Name

Vincent Bonazzoli

Job Title

Founding Attorney


Family Estate Planning Law Group

Speaker Bio

The Client Care Academy was created, tested and refined over the course of several decades by Vinnie Bonazzoli, his dedicated team and the many loyal clients who share his vision of an estate planning practice centered on caring for families throughout their lives.

Vinnie established his solo practice, now the Family Estate Planning Law Group, in 1990, determined to create processes and systems to keep estate plans up-to-date and promote regular communication with clients. Despite all of his best efforts, he realized he’d approached the problem of providing the best possible client care in the wrong way.

Keeping documents up to date, or pressing clients to return for document updates wasn’t the problem. It was helping clients to fully understand the value of aligning the assets they owned—and had worked a lifetime to achieve—with their estate plan.

This revolutionized the way he approached his practice. While quality estate planning documents are a necessary part of any estate plan, his focus shifted to educating clients on the impact of asset ownership on their plan. As the success of this approach grew, Vinnie received numerous inquiries from other estate planners about his client care program. Other firms wanted to know how he’d created such a program, especially one so popular with clients, so he decided to share what he’d learned through trial and error over the years.

To date, the Academy has trained hundreds of attorneys and paralegals from across the country with a fully-developed client care program. These firms have gone on to grow and produce successful programs of their own, each with their own unique flavor. Vinnie’s own practice, Family Estate Planning Law Group, thrives, with more than 500 clients in the firm’s client care program.

To learn more about Vinnie and the Academy visit http://www.clientcareacademy.com/.